Pistachio processing, selection and marketing.

About us?

Vitium Pistachios is a company created to offer the best pistachios for the world’s greatest lovers of this dried fruit. Vitium Pistachios processes, selects and markets the best pistachios following the corresponding rigorous quality controls to make them available to our most demanding customers.

Our commitment

At Vitium Pistachos we work every day to keep our vision and values ​​intact, whose objectives have always been the search for the highest quality and the most demanding selection of all our products.

vitium pistachios

Services of Vitium Pistachios


We process the pistachio from the tree to the consumer, guaranteeing quality throughout the process


We select the pistachios that have had an adequate growth and maturation process


We establish a sales marketing for farmers and consumers.


  • Offer tasty and healthy food of high quality and that generate great satisfaction to our consumers.
  • Specialists in marketing the high quality pistachio fruit.
  • Develop a brand that is appreciated by customers to provide them with maximum value.


  • Being the supplier of companies both nationally and internationally valued by customers and consumers, for the quality and innovation of our products.
  • Be a trusted brand.
  • Be motivated to continuously meet the needs of our customers and consumers.

Our Pistachios

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